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Our Review
Our Review

For those seeking tertiary qualifications and would rather do it online because of cost, convenience, job opportunities or for whatever reasons, University Of Phoenix Online (UOPO) is one of those universities that may suit your education need for a prospective career and better future. In fact, practically anyone, including those who had served in the military, with academic interests and orientations do stand a chance getting into Phoenix. This online university has become an established tertiary platform since 1989 and is being associated with long distance learning via the use of state of art technology, i.e. the use of internet. It is well established because it was the first accredited, private, post-secondary internet university or online university. At present it is the largest online educational organisation for tertiary studies in the US and has more than 200,000 students across the entire USA and relying fully on its 17,000 faculty and staffs.

Being an accredited simply means UOPO is a top-notch internet-based university and that means students obtaining degrees from this university are more likely to get employed. In comparison with other universities, the relative success of Phoenix is manifested by the overall contentment and satisfaction of most students with its online teaching and counselling qualities. In fact, most of their qualified students, besides earning a reputable degree, do stand as better chance of being employed in comparison to other competing universities. In this regard, not only has UOPO achieved academic recognition by students, who had been on their courses previously, it is most importantly employment oriented in its capabilities. Getting easy employment opportunities for its students will of course be a prerequisite for any successful academic institutions. Therefore, the University Of Phoenix Online with its national reputation for students seeking prospective job opportunities through it academic courses is now at the advantage of being in the forefront for online education. It offers superior personalized teaching with appropriately low student to teacher ratio (which is at 1:11) and the flexibility for student to take up to 27 credits per semester. With such high accreditations it is small wonder why this academic tertiary studies establishment has received national status for excellence in learning assessment, online learning, undergraduate education, quality service and organizational performance.

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As one would normally expects, there is no such thing as a perfect university and that also goes for such well-known cyber university as University Of Phoenix Online. Its Achilles heel in online education is in the area of technology and it is in this integrated technology area the university is apparently behind its other online educating competitors. Being online based one would expect high dependency on computer usage, at least in term of sophisticated computer system, for online academic studies. But, this is somehow lacking in UOPO which particularly relies solely one particular type of email downloading software, i.e. Outlook Express, for cyber communication since email is the necessity for online education. Student not well-versed with computer technology are at a disadvantage using Outlook Express since they would have to become familiar with other aspects of computer technology to prevent the computer getting spam and possibly infected daily by newly generated viruses. There are many other safer forms of emailing system available, particularly relying on webmail, like Yahoo and Hotmail, would be much more reliable since the anti-viral and anti-spam are not computer dependent but website dependent from say Yahoo in this case. Another problem students would encounter with Phoenix is its spotty teaching and they would, hence, have to be careful in the selection of the courses.

All those who apply for UOPO online course must fulfil these basic requirements, viz:

  • Pay $110 as a non-refundable application or submission fee. There is resubmission fee of $25 for each resubmission.

  • Complete all admission forms and submission of official test scores from previous colleges and universities.

  • Expelled student from elsewhere may be admitted by contacting Admissions Counsel for Student Appeals.

  • Applicants must be employed in the relevant industry associated with the courses they are applying. Alternatively, they must have previously had access to an organisational environment to gain exposure to the industry associated with their academic courses.
  • Applicants with professional training or those served in the military before can convert previous experience into academic credits for consideration.

  • US citizen or a permanent resident.

  • Non-US citizens must hold a valid visa

  • Applicants from non-English language background must pass TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or TOEIC (Test of English as an International Communication) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

The other requirements for entry to Phoenix online depend on the three types of admission requirements offered to interested students and these are:

  • Undergraduate admission requirements.
  • Graduate admission requirements
  • Bachelor Of Science In Nursing admission requirements

The other remaining requirements, for applicants who are really interested in University Of Phoenix Online undergraduate courses, are as follows:

  • Have high school diploma, GED or qualifications that are recognised foreign school equivalent.

  • Applicants with less than 24 transferable credits must be currently employed or otherwise have an access to an organizational environment with at least 1 year full-time working experience.

  • Applicants with previous coursework from either regionally or nationally accredited associate degree granting institutions, or the credit earned from a national testing program such as CLEP, DANTES or Advance Placement will be considered.

Applicant for online graduate courses must have these other requirements, viz.

  • A degree from regionally accredited, or candidate for accreditation, or approved nationally accredited college or university or is a recognised non-US degree holder with accumulative grade point averaging 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) as indicated in the undergraduate degree post transcript.

  • Have a minimum of 3 years of full-time or post-high school work experience.

  • Must be presently employed or otherwise have full-time working experience and gaining access to a relevant organisational environment.

Applicants for online Bachelor Of Science In Nursing, in addition to the above basic entry requirements, must comply with the following requirements:

  • Have Associate Degree in Nursing from regionally or nationally accredited institution
  • Have Diploma in Nursing from an CCNE accredited hospital school of nursing

  • Have a valid, unrestricted, unencumbered US registered nursing (RN) licence

  • Have acquired at least 1 year full-time working experience in the health-care industry and be currently employed as a RN (registered nurse).

  • Have access to a health-care organizational environment where they are permitted to apply concepts that are taught in the nursing course.

Phoenix has 3 basic study programs:

  • Degree programs comprising of general studies, accounting, business studies, criminal justice, health administration, IT (information technology), IT & visual communication, paraprofessional education.

  • Certificate/Non-degree programs with lots of diverse courses provided, examples of these courses are the call center management and profession, principal licensure, purchase management, quality auditor, engineer or manager, teaching, counselling, etc.

  • Military programs which is basically online degree courses offered to US military personnel while on duties. These are Bachelor and Master degree courses under the main headings of
    o Business
    o Technology
    o Health Care
    o Education
    o Social & Behavioral Science
Our Review

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